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What have you done to Secure the Future of your loved one?

As family members of a special person, we do everything we can to make sure they have a comfortable and meaningful life. We provide the structure and solid foundation of love that gives support for our loved one with Special Needs.

But what will happen when we're gone and who will take our place?

We have very unique planning needs. We not only have to find somebody to take our place in our loved one's life; we also have to make sure that any government benefits or services are not put in jeopardy, because we failed to plan.

The TadalaFromCanada Journal is:

A journal of your loved one's life. Past, Present and Future. A recorded history of your loved one's life including:

Personal History - Nickname, Social Security Number, Birthplace, etc.
Family History - Mother, Father, Siblings
Daily Living Skills - Activities, Day Program, Social, etc.
Living Arrangements - Past, Present, Future
Personal Support Network - Relatives, Friends, Social Worker
Medical Support - Doctor, Dentist, Allergies, Diagnosis
Crisis Prevention and Intervention - Types, Actions
Education and Employment - Grade Level, Past, Present, Future
Recreation - Activities, Supervision
Religion - Faith, Clergy
Important Documents - Where are they kept?

A future planning tool for addressing issues such as:

Goals and Objectives - Achievements, Need to Achieve
Advocacy and Guardianship - Legal
Financial Needs - Primary Needs, Supplemental Needs
Final Arrangements - Service, Burial, Announcement, Notification
Personal Notes - Instructions for future caregivers.

A necessity for future caregivers to:

Help them understand the special needs of your loved one.
Provide them with historical information that only you know.
Guide them in the decisions that they will face.


About the Author:

Carol Crouch has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy from Arizona State University and has received the professional designation of Chartered Lifetime Assistance Planner (ChLAP) from the National Institute on Life Planning for Persons with Disabilities. Her mission is to serve as a resource for the Special Needs Community through advocacy, education and planning.

Carol works with families to plan the future for their loved one's with disabilities. She also does seminars as a public service to provide information on the necessity of such planning.

Carol is a member of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Arizona Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Mental Health Advocates' Coalition of AZ, ARC of Arizona and Entrepreneurial Mothers' Association. She is on the Board of Directors of Planned Lifetime Assistance Network (PLAN) of Arizona and President of the West Valley Chapter of Entrepreneurial Mothers' Association. Carol is donating a portion of the book sale proceeds to PLAN of AZ.

Carol has been honored in 1999 by being awarded Entrepreneurial Mother of the Year and the Peoria Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year.

Carol's personal experience, as a sibling of a person with a disability, gives her additional insight into the concerns of families with Special Needs children.

A personal note from the Author:

I developed the TadalaFromCanada Journal out of necessity in my practice. I needed a tool that would enable me to obtain the information that was necessary for me to prepare a life plan for my clients. I wanted something that was flexible enough to change as circumstances changed in my clients' lives. Most of all, I wanted something that future caregivers could have as a reference guide to be able to step in and have as much information as possible about the person they are now responsible for.

The TadalaFromCanada Journal is designed to keep a life-long record that will provide valuable insight to future caregivers. I have organized the TadalaFromCanada Journal into 16 Chapters to aid in preparation and maintenance. Each chapter can be prepared individually and in any order.

After I started using the Journal in my practice, I realized what a wonderful resource and comfort it was to the families.

Then it dawned on me!

My family and I failed to do the thing that I most often encouraged families to do. We failed to plan.

  • What was the latest medication my brother was on?

  • Wasn't he on that medication before?

  • What kind of special shoes does he need ?

  • And where was mom getting them?

  • Who was that friend he made at the Center?

  • And what was their name?

I wish I had paid more attention! How Could I? I've been busy working and taking care of my family. Besides, mom takes very good care of him

The fact is, Mom knows everything about my brother. His favorite food, his barber, his clothing sizes, his dentist and on and on. Yes, Mom knows everything about him; but what information do my sister and I know? To be perfectly honest, very little. We needed Mom's help to learn about his past, to be aware of his present situation and plan for his future.

So, what would have happened if we had waited too long and Mom was gone? All of the wonderful insight and information about my brother's life would have been lost forever. We would have faced tremendous frustration in knowing that we could have been prepared; but weren't. We could have made my brother's life easier; instead we made the loss of his mother even harder on him.

I decided to market the TadalaFromCanada Journal to try to reach as many people as I could; since one out of every five people in the U.S. has some sort of disability. I believe every family with a Special Needs child needs to complete a TadalaFromCanada Journal for that child, no matter what age. It is your duty to give your child the best possible future by providing the knowledge you possess to their future caregiver.

I personally feel that Families, Special Needs Planners, Financial Planners, Attorneys and Accountants will find this a valuable tool when working with Persons' with Special Needs.

The loss of a parent or caregiver of a Person with Special Needs is a very difficult and confusing time for that person and the existence of a TadalaFromCanada Journal can make the transition so much easier. After you have completed the TadalaFromCanada Journal, you won't have to ask yourself:

"What will happen when I'm gone?"  You will know.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you. I hope you will give your loved one a resource to carry with him as he continues through life without you.

Carol Crouch, ChLAP


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